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About Us

Metarch Studios is a design-intensive practice, specialising in Architecture, Interiors, Urbanism, and Landscape. Based in Ranchi and Bengaluru,with a background experience of over ten years ,  the firm deals with a diverse range of work from residential to cultural and academic projects adding innovative solutions to every project. We as a team aim to turn obstacles into design trajectory and explore opportunistic overlays between space, function, design, requirements, form, budget and materials.  Anupam Deb, the principal architect heads the Ranchi office while his collaborating with partner Thyagarajan C. heading the Bengaluru office, both being undergraduates from BIT MESRA and having completed their Masters in Architecture from Politechnico-di-Milano. Metarch Studios has worked on a varied range of projects including banquet halls, penthouses, residences, apartments, restaurants, lounges, showrooms, offices, commercial and industrial buildings and also landscape projects.


For us every project is unique in its surroundings and we do not seek to bring a pre-determined vocabulary to each project that comes to us. No matter how common the use – whether it is residential, hospitality, and office – every project has a distinct mix of site influences: geography, history, landscape, urban. We find some of our greatest design inspiration in the context. By working back and forth between the design of the building and analysis of the site, a strong connection can be developed between the two. We aim at our buildings and design being characterized by a clean, contemporary aesthetic, but this is not at the cost of richness in detail or experience. We believe our role as architects is to create a space that can elevate the quality of our day to day life – the way we inhabit and function .everyone together process their collective skills to produce a comprehensive result.

anupam deb.jpg

Anupam Deb

Principal Architect


C. Thyagarajan

Principal Architect

B. Arch - BIT , Mesra
MS. Arch - Politecnico - Di - Milano , Italy


Sudhanshu Marandi

Project Architect

B. Arch, BIT Mesra

B. Arch - BIT , Mesra
MS. Arch - Politecnico - Di - Milano , Italy


Ar Avinash Kumar 

Project Architect

B. Arch,PMCA

The Team


Ar Arighna Mitra

Project Architect

B. Arch,PMCA , M. Arch . IIT- Roorkee


Barkha Kashyap

Sofia Raj 

Shyam Sundar

Interior Designer

Interior Designer 

Visual Artist, Interior Designer 

Dip. Design 

Dip Design

Dip. Design 


Ritlal Rana

Manoj Xalxo

Mohan Raj

Site Manager

Office Support

Sr. Draftsmen , Site Incharge 


Dip. Architecture


Ankit Kumar

Harsha Thakur

Intern Architect 

Intern Architect 

BIT Mesra

BIT Mesra

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